Govt. Regd. Under Societies Act No. RS/DIB/255/40 of 1998-99 Permanent Affiliated to D. U. No. DU/RG/DCDC/DGC/Perm.AFF/2010-2011/8096-102 Included under Sec. 2 (F) 12 B of the UGC Act, 1956, No. 8-394/2010 (CPP-I/C)

SWACHH BHARAT MISSION (Collaboration with NSS Unit (DGC)


Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan:

2nd October, 2019 ”GANDHI JYANTI” Celebration With SUP  Run Abhiyan

Date: 02.10.2019, Time: 09:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Participated: Dr. L.Phukon (Principal) DGC, Mrs. S. Borkotokey (V.P.), Mr. A.C.Kalita (NSS-Programming Officer), Mr. P.K.Mahanta (SBM- Co-Ordinator), Mr. P. Rajguru (NSS & SBM Member), Mr. H.Ch. Mandal (NSS & SBM Member), Mr. Jintu H, M. Bhai, and 30 students (Student Union body & Others).

Swachh Bharat Internship Programme

  • The 100 hour experiential internship program would require the candidate to visit one or more villages and conduct activities of their choice to contribute to the cause of rural sanitation in India.
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 Involvement of the Summer Internship Programme (100 hours.) S.B.S.I.P. -2018

 (w.e.f. : 1st May to 31 st July, 2018)

Name of Supervisor/Observer (Teachers):

  • Mr. Purnakanta Mahanta, Asstt.Prof. (Deptt. of Political Science) H.O.D.
    • Nodal officer, (Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan)
    • Contact:
  • Mr. Pankaj Rajguru,  Asstt.Prof. (Deptt. of Political Science)
    • Contact:
  • Mr. Amrit Chandra Kalita,  Asstt.Prof. (Deptt. of Hindi) H.O.D.
    • Co-Ordinator:  (Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan) &
    • N.S.S.(Unit) Programme Officer (DGC)
    • Contact:
  • Mr. Haradhan Chandra Mandal, Asstt.Prof. (Deptt. of Bengali) H.O.D.
    • Nodal Officer: A.I.S.H.E. (M.H.R.D.) D.G.C.
    • Contact:
  • Mr. Mridujyoti Kalita, Asstt.Prof. (Deptt. of Assamese) ,
    • (Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan),
    • Contact:

 Name of Participator (Students):

Team: A

Student Enrollment:

Sl.No. Name of the candidate Class & Semester Contact No. Remarks
1. Nitu Shingh B.A. 2nd Sem. 9101828353
2. Borakha Sharma B.A. 2nd Sem. 8471805589
3. Bornali Changmai B.A. 2nd Sem. 7086794689
4. Priyanka Kr. Thakur B.A. 2nd Sem. 7578821268
5. Mainu Gogoi B.A. 2nd Sem. 7086835545
6. Dulumoni Bhumij Gowala B.A. 2nd Sem. 9101031079
7. Priyanka Newar B.A. 4th Sem. 03742801459
8. Yaseda Balmiki B.A. 4th Sem. 8811875822
9. Archana Garh B.A. 4th Sem. 9101912963
10. Kousalya Sah B.A. 4th Sem. 7086885174

Team: B

Student Enrollment:

Sl.No. Name of the candidate Class & Semester Contact No. Remarks
1. Renu Yadav B.A. 4th Sem. 9127347140
2. Nandini Rajak B.A. 4th Sem. 7086872030
3. Razia Begum B.A. 4th Sem. 8812942998
4. Tamanna Borbhuyan B.A. 4th Sem. 7662000790
5. Queene Rajbanshi B.A. 4th Sem. 03742801459
6. Priya Thapa B.A. 4th Sem. 8399857025
7. Sangita Chetry B.A. 4th Sem. 8761943001
8. Nasifa Khatun B.A. 4th Sem. 9957137037
9. Farida Begum B.A. 4th Sem. 9957069335
10. Madhusmita Sharma B.A. 4th Sem. 7086848953

Team: C

Student Enrollment:

Sl.No. Name of the candidate Class & Semester Contact No. Remarks
1. Dimpi Saikia B.A. 4th Sem. 9127379578
2. Sumitra Chetry B.A. 4th Sem. 03742801459
3. Nibedita Gogoi B.A. 4th Sem. 7399515929
4. Tumpa Das B.A. 2nd Sem. 8473083185
5. Juhi Das B.A. 4th Sem. 7636935683
6. Mamta Sharma B.A. 2nd Sem. 9678096653
7. Naina Khatun B.A. 2nd Sem. 7576086974
8. Sangeeta Rai B.A. 2nd Sem. 9706193567
9. Bridisha Debnath B.A. 2nd Sem. 9957674091
10. Papori Baruah B.A. 2nd Sem. 8472949359








Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan (SBSI)


Swachh Bharat Mission Abhiyan (SBSI)


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