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Govt. Regd. Under Societies Act No. RS/DIB/255/40 of 1998-99 Permanent Affiliated to D. U. No. DU/RG/DCDC/DGC/Perm.AFF/2010-2011/8096-102 Included under Sec. 2 (F) 12 B of the UGC Act, 1956, No. 8-394/2010 (CPP-I/C)

Infrastructure and Teaching Resources

Infrastructure & Teaching Resources:

NAME: Dr. Deepika Dutta Saikia Mrs. Raju Rani Saikia Dr.  Moromi Chetia Phukan Mr. Prasanta Gogoi Dr. B.L. Phukon
Designation: Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A., Ph.D. M.Ls. M.A., Ph.D. M.A. M.Sc., Ph.D.
Contact No: 9435007846 9954125180 9957066345 8011625847 7002499212
Email ID:
neograjurani53@gmail.com moromichetiaphukon@gmail.com gogoiprasanta73@mail.com baneelekhaphukon@gmail.com
Portfolio: Group Leader Member Member Member Member

  • Activities :
    • Physical Facilities
    • Library as learning resource
    • I.T. Infrastructure
    • Maintenance of campus
  • Additional:
    • Computer Training to Students, Faculty & Staff.
    • Book Bank
    • Lib. Advisory Committee
    • Well Equipped Laboratory
    • Literary Association
    • Facilities from nearby institution
    • Auditorium, Gym, Hostel
    • Website.