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Alumni Cell


Every educational institution has an Alumni Association (Alumni cell). Alumni are the most loyal and generous supporters of an institution. Alumni can build business connections, organize reunions; and save as shining examples of the kind of people that their institution produces. It’s very useful for those who are genuinely interested in the lives of their old classmates and how they are placed in society.


  1. To promote and encourage a continuing interest in and loyalty to the institution.
  2. To provide a standardized organizational structure and co-ordinate programme for alumni chapters.
  • To develop goals and co-ordinate the efforts aimed at their accomplishment.
  1. To promote cultural, academic and literary advancement of its members.
  2. To arrange and conduct meetings of the alumni.
  3. To encourage alumni and friends of the institution to generously support the institution by gifts, devices and bequests.
  • To conduct appropriate activities to accomplish the above objectives and purposes.


Now-a-days alumni is an important part of an institution’s advancement activities for various reasons. Maintaining a positive relationship with alumni means that the message they share about the institution will also be positive and current. Maintaining communication channels with alumni means you can keep them informed of your achievements and make them part of your institutions future, not just its past. Alumni are very important for an institution for various reasons like:-

  1. Alumni are an institutions most loyal supporters.
  2. Alumni are fundraising prospects.
  • Alumni generate invaluable word-of-month marketing among their social and professional networks.
  1. Alumni are great role model’s for current students and are often will placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers.
  2. Alumni are often in the position to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives.


  1. To promote general welfare of the institution.
  2. To support parent organization’s goal.
  • Strengthen the ties between alumni and community.
  1. To motivate and engage the alumni



Yearly Report:

Alumni Cell: Formation Date: 20.05.14

NAME: Mr. Rakesh Borkotoky Mr. Rameswar Baruah Mr. Prasanta Gogoi Mrs. Himadrika Tamuly Mrs. Rashmi Rekha Dutta Mrs. Juli Konwar
Designation: Asstt.Prof. Eng. Deptt. HOD. Asstt.Prof. Edu. Deptt. Asstt.Prof. Soc. Deptt. Asstt.Prof. Eco. Deptt. Asstt.Prof. Edu. Deptt. Asstt.Prof. Ass. Deptt.
Qualification: M.Phil .M.A. M.A. M.Phil M.Phil M.Phil
Contact No: *9435332806* 6900592719* 8011625847* 9854163148* 8638686274* 9435531429
Email ID:
Portfolio: Liaison officer,
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